Coupon Code retrochrome12 for Richardson Seating

Coupon Code retrochrome12 - Save 12% with $250 minimum purchase

Coupon Code retrochrome12 for Richardson Seating

We created our first coupon code today.  We are new to selling online and wanted to see if people would be more interested in our furniture if we provided a coupon code.  Our first coupon code is retrochrome12.

This coupon will give you 12% off anything we have available for immediate sale on our website.  This does not include custom orders purchased by any other means.  This does not include our logo bar stools or custom restaurant furniture.  We are simply experimenting with discount codes on our new transaction enabled website.  

You can also use this link to have the discount put right into your cart.

Within 24 hours we had a customer use the coupon code.  It was pretty exciting.  We don't really know how they found it.  We assume they searched our site which is totally fine.  We submitted the coupon to some coupon distribution websites so we can see if they bring traffic.

Richardson Seating is a US based manufacturer of commercial restaurant furniture including restaurant bar stools, tables, table bases, and chairs.  All of our furniture is commercial grade and built to be used in a restaurant setting.  We use heavy duty steel tubing and the best quality Naugahyde vinyl when we custom build your furniture.

Since this is our first discount code we are a little concerned that we may not have set it up properly.  If for some reason you get a ton of free furniture, we do reserve the right to cancel your order.

We are members of PPAI, ASI, and SAGE and we manufacture our line of commercial logo bar stools in Chicago.  Logo bar stools are the ultimate promotional product.

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