Commercial furniture for your home

Commercial furniture for your home

Commercial Chairs for your home

All of the furniture that Richardson Seating manufactures and distributes is commercial quality.  We engineer our furniture to last for years under real world use at restaurants and bars.  As you can imagine, furniture this durable could also work in a home.

With Covid, restaurants are not ordering new furniture in the volume that we need.  We are attempting to pivot by selling our furniture into residential markets through Amazon, Wayfair, Target, Hayneedle, Williams Sonoma, and other big box drop shippers.  While our volume of restaurant furniture is suffering, our home furniture is doing quite well.

We are very luck that our supply chain is fully in tact and working full time.  We are able to get steel, wood, foam, and vinyl whenever we need it.  We have been seeing some pretty substantial price increases.  We received an 8% increase in foam and an 8% increase from our paperboard supplier.

We don't typically change pricing mid year unless things get really bad so we will most likely need to absorb it.  When you sell to big box, they don't easily accept price increases.  We end up doing them every few years.  For the items that we think we are selling too low, we just put them out of stock.

If you are looking for something and having trouble finding it, send us a picture and we can help you figure it out.

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