Clarin Chair in now Available at Richardson Seating

Clarin Chair in now Available at Richardson Seating

Clarin Chair Benefits of Heavy Duty Folding Chairs

Richardson Seating is adding Clarin Seating's high end folding chairs to its line of custom imprinted furniture.  Clarin which is part of Hussey Seating is known for making heavy duty American made sideline chairs.  Clarin's folding chairs feature a patented design which forms an X on the side.  This design makes the chairs the strongest in the industry.  I toured Clarin's factory when they were located in Illinois.  They take the raw metal and make the entire folding chair from scratch.  The side line chairs they make are second to none.  Unlike almost any other folding chair you find on the market, Clarin truly manufactures its product in the United States and uses heavy duty components to make the best folding chairs in the world.  We also carry Clarin's full line of unprinted chairs.  Heavy duty folding chairs work well as church chairs, reception chairs, banquet chairs, and any other type of temporary seating.  Used by stadiums across the world, the Clarin chair is the perfect addition to your facility.  This would also be a great item for company cafeterias.  You can place the chairs in a special cart that holds them while you clean the floors.  The minimum order is 24 chairs.

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