Cantilevered Table Brackets Made in the USA

Cantilevered Table Brackets Made in the USA

Cantilever Table Bracket for Attaching a Table to a Wall for Booth Seating

Cantilevered table bases or brackets is one of the many products that we build from scratch in Chicago.  It is called a cantilever table base because of the way the bracket attaches to the wall and supports the the base.  You will see that a triangle forms where the base attaches to the wall and at two points and where two parts get welded to each other.  The weight of the table pushes against the angled square tube and supports the top piece from bending. We buy steel tubing and metal plates.  We cut the tubing to size and we cut the metal plates to size.  We drill holes in the metal plates that will eventually be used to attach your bracket to the table top.  We use angle iron and a plate to attach the bracket to the wall.  After we have finished welding the pieces together, we send the finished part out to get powder coated black.  We offer 4 stock sizes but we could make custom sizes if needed.  We also don't have to do black.  We could make them any color.  I may be wrong, but I think we might be the only American company that still makes this product.  If I am wrong, please comment below.  Why is that important?  We have been using the same gauge steel tubing from Ryerson for decades.  We have been getting our angle iron and plates from the same suppliers for decades.  Nothing has changed in our quality.  Imports often have to keep figuring out ways to save money and sell goods for less.  We figure out our costs and charge an appropriate price to be profitable without sacrificing quality.  When you are attaching your table tops to a wall and suspending them over the legs of your guests, you want to know that you can trust the company who built your table bracket.  Richardson Seating cantilever table brackets are the best in the business.  We can also make custom pin legs if you want to support the table at the other side of the wall.  Let us know what you are looking for and we can make it happen.

We have been making custom wall mounted cantilevered table brackets for decades.  Our dies are super old.  We use the dies to hold the parts together while we weld.  These bases are welded by hand individually.  You never have to worry about a machine missing a weld.  We still use people.

The bases start raw and then we send them to get powder coated after we weld them.  In theory we could make them in other colors pretty easily.  How about a bright yellow table base?  I am sure that would work for someone's decor.  If you need a custom length, let us know and we can make new jigs.

We are always looking for new and fun projects.

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