6 ideas for an uncluttered foyer

6 ideas for an uncluttered foyer

Benches, shoe racks and coat racks are indispensable in this area, but sometimes it's hard to fit them in. Learn how to get the most out of them.

As soon as we enter the house we usually get rid of a lot of things: coats, shoes, accessories, small objects... The ideal is to have enough space in the hall to be able to store everything we take off in an orderly way, so that we also have it at our disposal when we go out again. The choice of furniture for this area will depend on the space we have and our needs.

Here are some ideas for keeping things tidy as soon as you get home. The foyer is the space that welcomes us every day after a hard day's work and the first thing our guests see of our home. It can get to put in a bad mood, and especially gives very bad image, to see the shoes thrown and piled up on the floor or jackets hanging in any way. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to try to maintain order through specific elements. Coats and bags are the first things we leave, so a coat rack becomes almost indispensable in this area. If you do not have much space to place storage furniture but you can at least place a bench, put baskets or boxes under it to store shoes or small accessories.

For especially small spaces, there are also small pieces of furniture but with great storage capacity, like this one we see in the image. A set of shelf and auxiliary furniture cantilevered to leave in sight, but orderly, small objects, put some other decorative accessory, such as a vase, plus a closed storage area at the bottom. Benches are a very practical element in the hallways as they are very useful to sit comfortably to put on and take off shoes. In addition, they allow us to take advantage of their lower area for storage. There are many options to place a bench. Undoubtedly, made to measure will always make better use of the available area. White or light-colored furniture will help to give a feeling of spaciousness. To give it a personal touch, you can use cushions or other textiles that also make it more cozy and comfortable.

Sometimes it is not necessary to place large pieces of furniture that occupy almost all the space. It is enough to conveniently take advantage of a wall. Having a lower shelf as a bench and an upper shelf of smaller width for storage, plus a series of hooks as a coat rack in between, can be enough. Here, both the space under the bench and the upper shelf have been filled with baskets for greater storage capacity. If you are one of those who take off your shoes as soon as you get home, it is important to think of a place to leave them. In this image you have an example of how to solve this need in a stylish way. While a wide shelf serves as a bench, just below it special shelves for shoes, which do not protrude from the bench, are ideal to keep perfectly in order the models of the season.

When it comes to homes with different floors, it often happens that as soon as we enter the door we find a staircase, as in this image. A good idea in this case is to take advantage of the stairs to place the furniture at the entrance. Of course, it will have to be a custom-made piece of furniture, so make sure it is a design that gives an original touch to the room. A fun touch never hurts, especially if it is a house where there are children. Bet on an original coat rack that occupies an entire wall of the hall, such as this tree-shaped, in which you can hang accessories through hooks on its branches. With something like this, you will get to give this room a notorious point of attraction as soon as you walk in the door.




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