5 Bar Decor Ideas for 2020: Making the Most of Bar Furniture, Art & Space

5 Bar Decor Ideas for 2020: Making the Most of Bar Furniture, Art & Space

Bar Furniture styles for your restaurant in 2020

Is your bar looking more shabby than chic?

One of the main appeals of your bar is how it looks. It's how you entice new customers, keep them coming back, and solidify your name as a popular bar. 

But, if yours isn't really doing the trick, you might find business becoming a little stale. This is when you need to upgrade your bar furniture and bring in some new decor, giving your bar a new lease of life.

Get inspired by our bar decor ideas.

Have You Got a Theme?

Not every bar needs a theme, but it can help you tie your decor in together. A theme doesn't have to be something over the top, either. It could be as simple as an era in time that you base your decor on, such as a 1920s speakeasy. Or, if you showcase a lot of local bands, you could have a music theme with album covers on the wall.

You don't have to be obvious about your theme. It can simply be to give you some direction when it comes to furnishings. But, if you want a whacky theme, check out these crazy examples for inspiration.

Decorate Your Walls

The walls of your bar are the perfect place to show off who you are, so don't let them go to waste! If you're a chic, modern bar keep your walls minimal with a lick of color. Bars often look better with deeper colors, such as a dark blue or a stylish slate gray. 

Or, add some character by framing pictures, such as vintage photographs of the local area. For a more hipster bar, add typography with quotes or a story about your bar. If you're a more edgy establishment, create a collaged wall that's covered in band posters or old magazine covers.

Upgrade Your Bar Stools

Your customers are sitting in your bar chairs and stools all night, so want to make sure they're comfortable, right? They should also work with your decor, like these modern, minimal bar stools, or a more luxurious beech wood chair, depending on your style. Consider how they'll work with your bar tables, too, and upgrade both if you have to!

Swapping out your old stools for something new is an easy way to quickly upgrade your bar. Even if you can't redecorate the whole place, be sure to do this. 

Choose the Right Lighting

As with the colors of your walls, bars are usually a bit darker than a restaurant or cafe. So, when it comes to your lighting, choose a warm, dimmer light that gives off a more cozy vibe. Often, bars work well by having multiple smaller lights, like wall-mounted table lights. 

Track or pendant lighting works very well in bars. If you have a pool table, remember to add a light over this, too! 

Start Decorating

Once you've got your plans in place, there's nothing left to do but start decorating! If you need help choosing bar furniture to fit your space, get in touch with our team at Richardson Seating. When it comes to bar stools, tables, and chairs, we're the experts!  

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