Bar Stool Manufacturer Richardson Seating of Chicago, IL USA

Did you ever notice that most of the companies that "manufacture" restaurant furniture are selling the exact same 200 styles?  That is because most companies that call themselves a manufacturer are importing welded frames and upholstered seats.  When they get an order for blue, they take the imported blue seat and put it on the imported black frame and call it an American made bar stool.  Unlike most, we weld our frames together ourselves.  We have a full woodshop where we build the internal structure of our bar stool seats.  We operate a router, multiple band saws, drum sanders, belt sanders, wheel sanders, an Original radial arm saw made by the same factory that used to make the radial saws for Dewalt.  We have a T-Nut riveter, a pin router, and a die cutter for wood.  In our metal shop we have two band saws, dozens of jigs and 6 migmatic welders by Miller Electric.  We use almost exclusive air tools and our stapler of choice for the wood shop is Hitachi which I keep forgetting is now Metabo and our preferred stapler for upholstery is Bea.  Scroll down to see some pictures of our factory and our products being made.  You will see that we make every part of the furniture that we sell.  Our upholstery quality is second to none.