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Collection: Swivel Bar Stools

One of the areas of specialization of Richardson Seating is the manufacturing of swivel bar stools. We manufacture top-quality swivel bar stools for all kinds of spaces and tastes. So don't miss the opportunity of acquiring an excellent seat for a competitive price.
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  • Inner Channel Bar Stool
    Inner Channel Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Inner Diamond Bar Stool
    Inner Diamond Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Cowboy Bar Stool
    Cowboy Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Crown Back Bar Stool
    Crown Back Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Signature Bar Stool
    Signature Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 1450
    Bar Stool - 1450-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 1440
    Bar Stool - 1440-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 1444
    Bar Stool - 1444-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 1432
    Bar Stool - 1432-Richardson Seating
  • Signature Cutout Bar Stool
    Signature Cutout Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 2250
    Bar Stool - 2250-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 2240
    Bar Stool - 2240-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 2210
    Bar Stool - 2210-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 2299
    Bar Stool - 2299-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 2298
    Bar Stool - 2298-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 2292
    Bar Stool - 2292-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 2288
    Bar Stool - 2288-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 2272
    Bar Stool - 2272-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 2273
    Bar Stool - 2273-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 2281
    Bar Stool - 2281-Richardson Seating
  • Button Tufted Cowboy Bar Stool
    Button Tufted Cowboy Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 2225
    Bar Stool - 2225-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 2285
    Bar Stool - 2285-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 1632
    Bar Stool - 1632-Richardson Seating
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Swivel Bar Stools

Almost all of our bar stools are swivel bar stools. All this means is that our bar stool seat has a swivel between the seat and the frame. The seat is attached to the swivel and the swivel is attached to the frame. The swivel makes the bar stool more durable. When a person is sitting on a bar stool seat, they have a tendency to move around. Instead of pulling at the upholstery or at the screws that attach the seat to the stool, you have a turnplate absorbing the motion. When I was younger I thought the swivel was supposed to be very loose so that you can spin around on your seat. It turns out that is not the correct way for a swivel to work. You want it to be tight enough that it doesn't move without force but when you do need to turn the swivel or the seat, it doesn't take that much force. We offer a return swivel on many of our higher end bar stools that have backs. This allows the bar stool seat to face the same direction when someone isn't sitting on the seat. The return swivel is also pitched. It has a 3 degree pitch so that when you sit into the seat, you are sitting back into the seat on a slight angle. We have several bar stools without a swivel but most of our upholster furniture items have at least the option of a swivel seat.