Collection: Signature Commercial Bar Stools

Commercial bar stools with backs are our specialty.  Our signature bar stools are all commercial grade and perfect for you restaurant or bar.  Most of our signature stools are swivel bar stools with backs.  We specialize in building long lasting bar stools that will look beautiful in your restaurant or bar for a long time.  We also manufacture matching side chairs for many of the models.  We can custom upholster any of our styles in your choice of vinyl, fabric, or leather.  You can count on Richardson Seating's commercial bar stools to look great and last for a long time.
41 products
  • Bar Stool - 2227
    Bar Stool - 2227-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 2285
    Bar Stool - 2285-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 2281
    Bar Stool - 2281-Richardson Seating
  • King Bar Stool
    King Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 2273
    Bar Stool - 2273-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 2272
    Bar Stool - 2272-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 2210
    Bar Stool - 2210-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 2240
    Bar Stool - 2240-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 2250
    Bar Stool - 2250-Richardson Seating
  • Nickerbocker Bar Stool
    Nickerbocker Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Drake Bar Stool
    Drake Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Quincy Bar Stool
    Quincy Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Jerome Bar Stool
    Jerome Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Johanson Bar Stool
    Johanson Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Broad Back Bar Stool
    Broad Back Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Deluxe Channel Back Bar Stool
    Deluxe Channel Back Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Button Tufted Clean Edge Bar Stool
    Button Tufted Clean Edge Bar Stool-Richardson Seating