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Collection: Signature Commercial Bar Stools

Commercial bar stools with backs are our specialty. Our signature bar stools are all commercial grade and perfect for your restaurant or bar. Most of our signature stools are swivel bar stools with backs. We specialize in building long-lasting bar stools that will look beautiful in your restaurant or bar for a long time. We also manufacture matching side chairs for many of the models. We can custom upholster any of our styles in your choice of vinyl, fabric, or leather. You can count on Richardson Seating's commercial bar stools to look great and last for a long time.
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  • Bar Stool - 2227
    Bar Stool - 2227-Richardson Seating
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    Bar Stool - 2285-Richardson Seating
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    Bar Stool - 2281-Richardson Seating
  • King Bar Stool
    King Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
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    Bar Stool - 2273-Richardson Seating
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    Bar Stool - 2272-Richardson Seating
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    Bar Stool - 2210-Richardson Seating
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    Bar Stool - 2240-Richardson Seating
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    Bar Stool - 2250-Richardson Seating
  • Nickerbocker Bar Stool
    Nickerbocker Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Drake Bar Stool
    Drake Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Quincy Bar Stool
    Quincy Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Jerome Bar Stool
    Jerome Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Johanson Bar Stool
    Johanson Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Broad Back Bar Stool
    Broad Back Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Deluxe Channel Back Bar Stool
    Deluxe Channel Back Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Button Tufted Clean Edge Bar Stool
    Button Tufted Clean Edge Bar Stool-Richardson Seating

Custom Upholstered Restaurant Bar Stools with Backs

Restaurant bar stools with decorative upholstery is our specialty. We have the largest selection of upholstered restaurant bar stools with backs. Each upholstered bar stool can be customized with any color Naugahyde, Nassimi, Spradling, or Omnova vinyl you like. We can make button tufting and channel tufting in any color. We can add nail head trim to any of our styles with some adjustments. Richardson Seating has been a pioneer in the upholstered seat restaurant bar stool for decades. Most of our styles were designed right around Word War II. All of our furniture is both beautiful and practical to build. Since our styles were engineered in the 1940's, we use the same materials and same techniques that were available then to build our products. We don't use glue. We use air presses and staple guns for everything including our wood work. We are able to make most of our restaurant bar stools by cutting 2x4s and plywood. Our bar stool frames are mostly made of simple tubular steel that can be painted black or chrome plated. For the Signature line of bar stools we offer our in house hand made wood frame also as an option. Our Signature wood frame comes in 3 different styles. All 3 styles are made of hand turned maple and should last for decades. The maple legs are all attached to a special 10"x10"x1" piece of plywood that we have special made. It consists of 8 layers and is made to be CARB compliant for California. The 8 layer plywood is some of the strongest furniture wood I have seen. It makes the perfect wood piece to hold the legs for our wood bases. Anyone looking for heavy duty restaurant bar stools should consider our signature upholstered bar stools with backs. Most of our swivel bar stools have backs, but we do have a few styles that are backless bar stools. Model 2525 is a high end round seat bar stool that can be done on any of our high end bar stool frames. The reason our bar stools look like a blast from the past is that we haven't updated our styles in 45 years. These are the same commercial heavy duty bar stools that our grandfather sold back in 1975. When all of our competitors started importing, we doubled down on American made. It has been a tough road and making bar stools in the United States isn't always easy but we are proud of our American made product and we are proud of the American vendors that we use for our metal tubing, foam, Naugahyde, and wood. We are able to control the quality of our bar stools all from in house. With an inhouse wood shop, metal shop, and upholstery shop, we are able to produce all aspects of our furniture. All of our Signature bar stools have seats made with thick heavy duty foam and cotton. Each seat is hand pulled and hand stapled. We offer the standard waterfall style seat finish that you see in the pictures and we can also do French seam on request. The trick to making high quality restaurant bar stools is good vinyl. The first thing to rip on the restaurant bar stool is the upholstery. If you use a heavy duty vinyl for upholstery you will end up with a heavy duty bar stool. We prefer Naugahyde upholstery vinyl because many of its patterns are rated up to 2 million double rubs. That means the material will still hold up after 4 million abrasions. I think that is probably more than any bar stool at any restaurant would ever experience during its life as a piece of restaurant furniture.