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Nobody likes a cheap bar stool. These are some of the most economical bar stools we manufacture. We have combined our 1400 series, 1600 series, and 1900 series bar stools in to our new Popular Category. They are not cheap bar stools, but you may find them suitable commercial bar stools for your restaurant or bar with our wholesale pricing.
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    Bar Stool - 1650-Richardson Seating
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  • Bar Stool - 1433
    Bar Stool - 1433-Richardson Seating
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    Bar Stool - 1422-Richardson Seating
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    Bar Stool - 1420-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 1457
    Bar Stool - 1457-Richardson Seating
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    Bar Stool - 1473-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 1475
    Bar Stool - 1475-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 1471
    Bar Stool - 1471-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 1470
    Bar Stool - 1470-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool - 1419
    Bar Stool - 1419-Richardson Seating

Chrome Bar Stools with Swivel Seats

Chrome swivel bar stools are the most popular stools in our line. We have lots of retro 1950s styles that will look great in your diner style restaurant. Whether you use 24 inch chrome stools at the counter or whether you use 30 inch swivel stools at a 42 inch bar, you place will look 1950s retro chic. We offer lots of bar stools with backs that can swivel. Most of our products feature a 360 degree swivel. We also have the option of a 3 degree swivel or a return swivel plate. Our popular bar stools are timeless and work in a brand new restaurant and work in a 100 year old joint. Our heavy duty popular bar stools can come in any color you can imagine. We offer any color upholstery color you would like. We have 1950s colors 1960s color patterns and even 1970s color pallets. We offer the entire line of Naugahyde upholstery vinyl and we can make your table using the entire Formica laminate family. We can also use Wilsonart laminates. Chrome is one of the best ways to finish steel. It provides a shiny coat and layers of metal protection. It helps slow down rust and is pretty easy to clean. Over the years, the chrome bar stools will look great. Our chrome swivel bar stools are commercial grade and all come with a one year commercial warranty. Our chrome bar stools are manufactured in Chicago so we don't have to worry about parts coming in from overseas. We know what we have in stock and we can find the perfect bar stools for your restaurant or bar and we can get them to you quickly. If you are looking for bar stools that you can get quickly and if you are looking for high quality at a reasonable price then you have found your manufacturer. Please give us a call during the business week or send us an email at any hour. We return most emails in less than 24 hours.