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Custom logo bar stools with a 2 piece minimum. Made in Chicago, IL USA.

We can print your logo, trademark, and brand name on an American Made custom logo bar stool.  Are you looking for advertising for your company? Personalized bar stools might be just what you need, as they are the best way to advertise at the parts counter.  Richardson Seating’s logo bar stools advertise your company name, logo, or trademark for years on a an American made bar stool, and the best part is that we can personalize the logo bar stool in any way you like. Printed Stools are the perfect point of purchase advertisement tool for any sales process with a counter, and added to that logo seating is also great to have at your trade show booth. Give bar stools to your dealers and  put bar stools at your parts counters! Here are the artwork specifications for Richardson Seating's custom logo bar stools.

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