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Our cafe-style restaurant chairs come in metal and wood. Our metal furniture can be done with wood backs, wood seats, metal backs, and upholstered seats. We can powder coat the metal any color and stain the wood any color. Since our chairs are welded in Chicago, you know that they will be better than what you can find in most online stores.
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Restaurant Chairs for Cafes and Diners

We carry and manufacture a wide assortment of café style restaurant chairs. We have all of the most popular metal and wood bar chair styles. We can make the seat out of wood. or we can make the seat out of upholstery. You can select any upholstery vinyl you want and we can customize the project just for you. We can add contrasting piping. We stain the chairs a special color, we can powder coat the metal. There is so much more variety when working with a bar stool manufacturer located in Chicago vs overseas. We offer a commercial warranty on all of our products and we will be there when you need us if something goes wrong. Choosing the correct restaurant chairs is an important decision. We can help you chose the chairs that will work perfectly in your dining space.