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Collection: Cafe Bar Stools

Our cafe bar stool category consists of your standard wood and metal ladder back bar stools with all of the variations.  We have many more options than what we show.  If you can find a back style or color that you like online with the same basic frame, we can usually make it.  Our cafe bar stools are all assembled or welded in the USA.  All staining is done in Chicago as well as all upholstery work.  You can even chose American made vinyl like Naugahyde.  All of our upholstered seats use 5/8' CDX plywood.
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  • SID BAR 1230
  • SID BAR 1221
  • SHINE 253T
  • Aero Bar 024
  • Mia Bar 412
  • URBAN BAR 211
  • YARD BAR 533
  • Grace Bar 253
  • SHINE BAR 253
  • THOR BAR 657T
  • THOR BAR 657
  • STAR BAR 164
  • SEGNO BAR 264
  • RONDA BAR 128
  • Miky Bar 645
  • BRIDGE BAR 148
  • Thor 658
  • Centina 214
  • Centina 215
  • Ronda Bar 2.0 459 by Emui

Beech Wood Restaurant Bar Stools and Metal Ladder Back Stools

We manufacturer the most popular metal and wood restaurant cafe chairs. We make ladder back chairs, school house, and lattice back chairs. We can also add various different styles of decorative upholstery to make the style your own. We can add button backs, nail head time, and lots of other fancy upholstery finishes. We also offer wood seats, but there is so much more variety when you do a pulled upholstered seat. We have thousands of different Naugahyde brand vinyl upholstery to select from in addition to vinyl made by Nassimi and other large manufacturers. If you can find a popular cafe style on another website, we can probably make it too. There are so many varieties of restaurant chairs that can be built with the same basic parts. We can upholster the seat or we can use wood. We can leave a metal back, or a wood back, or an upholstered back. There is so much variety. We call these cafe chairs because these are the types of chairs we think about when we hear cafe bar stools.