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Wyzenbeek abrasion test what is it and what does it mean?

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The Wyzenbeek abrasion test is the test that most US based manufactures of upholstery vinyl use to measure the resistance to abrasion.  The standard is counting the amount of double rubs that a material can take.  They take a material like cotton or wire and use it repeatedly to see how long the material can last.  As you will probably find when looking for your own material, many vinyls are rated at 20,000 double rubs.  Others are rated at 100,000 double rubs.  If you ask us which vinyl we recommend, we would say you might want to consider Spirit Supreme by Naugahyde.  Why you may ask?  Well, its made in the USA and meets the highest standards.  In addition, it has a top coating that helps it prevent blue jeans stains and pen stains.  When it comes to double rubs, we are talking millions, not thousands.  3 million to be exact.  Why are you messing around with COM materials that can barely be sat on when there is vinyl out there that can take 3 million double rubs.  Wyzenbeek knows whats up.

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