Custom Logo Bar Stools

Where to buy Custom Logo Bar Stools?

Custom logo bar stools is one of Richardson Seating's specialties.  We have been making them since the 1970's.  We manufacture them in Chicago in our 75,000 square foot factory.  All we do is make furniture.  Our logo bar stools are built differently than most other companies.  The secret to our bar stool is the seat.  We make a 3 inch built up wood seat in our wood shop.  We upholster the wood
Fireball Logo Bar Stool with a black frame and screent printed seat
cylindrical box with 1.25 inches of foam and the vinyl.  This style of upholstery allow the seat to last for a long time and retain its shape forever.  We use American made swivels and include them for no charge with all of our logo bar stools.  We include them at not charge because they help take pressure off the upholstery and the seat when someone sits on the seat and moves around.  It is more for durability than it is for comfort.  The frame that we use is also American made.  The steel is made into a tube and chrome plated in the Chicago Suburbs.  Even the glides on the bottom of the legs is made in the states.  All artwork, screen printed, and digital printing is done in Illinois and mostly in Chicago.  This is as American made of a custom logo bar stool as you can get.  I know some companies and organizations need to buy union made goods.  Convenient for everyone out there, all of our furniture is also Union made.  We may not be able to beat the prices of offshore competitors, but we are almost always able to beat the pricing of our domestic competitors.  If you are looking for custom logo bar stools and you want them made in the USA or even better Union made in the USA, then Richardson Seating is the right company for you.
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