Where is the best place to buy Restaurant Furniture?

Where is the best place to buy Restaurant Furniture?

Buying restaurant furniture is not easy.  It is hard to tell which company online to buy from.  Everyone seems to be selling the same items and all the pictures look the same.  You can find a simple metal ladder back chair for $35.00 and you can find them for $200.00.  What is the difference?  There can be a bid difference.  How thick is the metal?  How much time and wire was used to make the welds.  Are they robotic welds that missed their mark and got past inspection.  What type of wood is used in the seat?  Are the glides going to scratch my floor?  Is the seat made of particle board or plywood?  How is the seat attached? 

Here are some basic questions you should be able to answer before making a purchase?

  • Who manufactured the furniture?

  • Who am I buying the furniture from?

  • What upholstery vinyl should I choose?

  • Where is it shipping from?

  • What does shipping cost?

  • What are the online reviews of the manufacturer?

  • What are the online reviews of the company I am buying from?

    If you don't know who actually makes your furniture, then you won't know if thereRestaurant Bar Stool by Richardson Seating Cowboy Bar Stool really is a warranty and who is behind the warranty.  We have been around for 45 years and many of our US based competitors have been around just as long.  You have a much better chance of getting good quality furniture if you buy products built in the United States.  Buying furniture made in the USA is kind of tricky.  Most of the companies online are selling the same imported 80 chairs and bar stools from Flash Furniture.  When it comes to commercial vinyl, I suggest you stick with Naugahyde, Omnova, Nassimi, and Spradling. We have had very good luck with all 4 of those companies for decades.  If you don't know who made the vinyl you are selecting, it is probably a cheap import.  You should find out who makes it and look up the pattern and check for how many double rubs the vinyl can take.  In most of the world this is referred to as the Martindale abrasion test.  In the United States, we typically use a test called the Wyzenbeek abrasion test. The higher the number the better. Like I said, it is complicated to buy good stuff. If you ever need help with tables, booths, chairs, or bar stools just send us a message. Even if we don't make the item, we can point you in the right direction. As and example, we know who makes good booths even though we don't make them ourselves. Our best friends make booths like 2 blocks away.  Please use us as a resource.  We can make many different items and what we can't make we can source very well.  You can work with Richardson Seating to take care of your entire restaurant.  We can help you find suppliers that you will want to work with and hopefully you like some of the items that we make too.

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