Lead times are 6-8 weeks | June '22

When to order furniture for a restaurant?

Round Wood Bar Stool without a Back
Many restaurants make the mistake of not ordering their furniture in advance. As you probably know, most of the restaurant furniture items out there come from China.  With the current climate, you need to allow a significant amount of extra time to bring your furniture in from overseas.  Even if you are working with a domestic supplier, you want to allow extra time.  Our lead time right now is 6 weeks which is on the long side for us.  Many companies need even longer.  The main problem with ordering furniture before you are ready is finding a place to store the items.  I suggest you be upfront with your supplier.  You tell them about the scheduled dates, but you should also find out what happens if you aren't ready to ship.  Many suppliers can store items for you while some importers don't have a warehouse and will force you to take the product before you are ready.  It is alwasy best to work with someone local who is experienced at providing commercial furniture.  We are always just a phone call away.  Even if you aren't in Chicago, we will make you feel like you are working with someone just around the corner.  We have a truck height loading dock and we also have a set of stairs and a man door at our dock.  We can load your 53' trailer and we can load your minivan.  Whatever you need, we can help with.

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