What thread should I use for commercial furniture?

Needle and Thread image for Richardson Seating article about thread
We have about 20 sewing machines, 10 or so people sewing and with all of that we only have two different threads.  We buy thread by the pound in black and in white.  We have found that dark colors go well with black and light colors go well with white.  We buy it by the pound, but we also buy it prewound.  That rhymes.  Our newer Juki machines will make their own bobbins but the winder function on our older machines doesn't work or doesn't exist.  We have a lot of Consew 206RB-5, 4s and 3s still in production.  Most are 5s.  When it comes to brands of thread, there is only one that matters and then there is the rest.  Have you all heard of Coats?  When it comes to size and material, nothing beats 69 nylon bonded thread.  We have been using this exact same thread for at least 25 years and I would assume longer.  This is why our seams last so long.  If you use good thread, the vinyl will rip before the seam breaks.

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