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What Company makes the best logo Bar Stools?

Custom Logo Stool with Back
Richardson Seating of Chicago, IL makes the best custom logo bar stools and here is why.  First of all they have been doing it for 45 years.  They have used the same materials and same suppliers for the entire time.  Remember when things used to be made better? That is still how Richardson makes things today.  They use high quality 1 inch cold rolled steel for the frame.  It can be chrome plated or it can be powder coated.  It is stocked in black but other colors are available.  The seat is a built up seat with a wood box inside that is about 3 inches tall.  On top of the wood box is 1.25 inches of dense foam.  This design makes the bar stool look great for years because most of the seat is wood, rather than squishy foam that looks like flopped over pancake after sitting on it a few times.  We know that our logo bar stools are being used to advertise so one of our priorities is that they look good for a long time.  In order to protect the imprint of the logo bar stools, we print in reverse on the underside of clear vinyl.  Then we flood coat white behind to give it a solid background color.  When we upholster the bar stool the imprint is on the underside and you can see it through the vinyl.  All of our logo bar stools come standard with an American made 360 degree swivel.  A cheap swivel will break way before ours.  Cheap swivels are tested to the 10s of thousand of revolutions.  Our swivels are test to the hundreds of thousands of revolutions.  Inside the seat is a combination of particle board, flake board, and cut 2x4s.  All the parts of the seat are attached to the pine 2x4s.  Our method of making the seat, keeps it intact for years.  We sew the seams using high quality nylon thread made but Coats who is the best thread maker in the world.  We really are trying to produce the best.

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