What are the best tables for restaurants?

What are the best tables for restaurants?

High Pressure Laminate Table Top for RestaurantsThere are many types of tables used in restaurants.  You can find stone tables, wood tables, and metal tables.  Stone chips.  Wood scratches.  Metal rusts.  I think the best bet for most restaurants is a high pressure laminate table top.  HPL or High Pressure Laminates are the material that you probably had on your kitchen counters 20 years ago before granite was all the rage.  You might be familiar with brand names such as Pionite, Formica, and Wilsonart.  Formica is probably the most famous.  You may even call HPL's Formica.  With all of the different colors, patterns, and textures, you can find anything you want.  There are cool wood patterns, You can get you logo embedded in the table like we do for our custom logo tables.

We can make the tables with many different types of edges but there are 3 that are probably the most popular.  You can do a self edge which is where you take the laminate used on the top of the table and you use it on the edge.  The 2nd is doing a black rubber edge.  The last is doing a grooved aluminum edge.  Aluminum can be done with a number of different patterns depending on the die used when it is extruded.

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