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Geales Bar at Le Royal Meridian Dubai, United Arab Emirates

One of our favorite projects and most difficult projects was making furniture for a 5 star hotel in Dubai.  The name of the hotel is Le Royal Meridian and the name of the restaurant is Geales Bar.  There were communication issues.  We had shipping issues and customs issues.  We would have overcome all of those.  The biggest problem was that we didn't have enough leather to complete the project and our vendor was out of stock for 2 months.  We went back and forth on changing materials.  We tried to change styles so that we could yield more bar stools from less leather.  We were using very high quality leather from Moore & Giles.  Even though they ship out of the US, we were waiting on a shipment from Spain.  It was a big mess.  Well, it all eventually worked itself out.  We had furniture in Dubai in time for the grand opening and they are still using it 7 years later.  Here are some pictures.

Geales Bar in Dubai United Arab Emirates with Richardson Seating Furniture

Geales Bar in United Arab Emirates with Richardson Seating Blue Bar Stools

Blue Richardson Seating bar stools in Dubai United Arab Emirates

Black Richardson Seating bar stools with swivels and backs in United Arab Emirates

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