As you well know, fashions are coming back, and the 90's aesthetics will be influential during the following year. Do you want to know how? Keep reading!

Fashions, trends, styles are cyclical. Now and then, we see a direction from the past come back to us to make a comeback. Today, we will tell you some elements of retro decoration that will return during the coming months. These are small details that, adapted to the present day, will remind us of some very fashionable trends in the '90s. Are you ready? Let's get to it!


As if it were a glimpse into the past, the bar furniture is back to hit hard to become a piece of furniture for various uses. Although it is possible to see them fulfill their function of storing drinks, we will also find them as auxiliary and decorative furniture to store other types of elements. For example, as a bookcase, table for a record player, TV cabinet ... Surely you can find a suitable use for your home.


Yes, this trend that began to be seen in the '90s has never disappeared, and in the coming months, we will see it more than ever. We come from a stage in which the decoration has been based and is based on simplicity and neutral colors; however, this sobriety will begin to disappear with the emergence of the use of exposed brick that will give a touch of breaker and carefree.


We have just talked about exposed brick and its comeback, but another trend is on the rise again that aims to do the opposite. It is furniture with which to cover appliances or electronic devices that sometimes break with the aesthetics of the decor. For example, in the 90's it was very typical to have the television inside a piece of furniture that covered it. This type of furniture still has its audience renewed and adapted to new decorative trends.


With the evolution of technologies and computers and Ipad, magazines have been disappearing from homes. However, many magazine lovers and collectors can not miss a magazine rack at home. It is an element that in the 90s was very common to see full of newspapers, but the advancement of technology has been disappearing over the years. But as we have said before, everything comes back, and a magazine rack next to the sofa in your living room can make a difference and create a retro vintage atmosphere to the last.


This decorative element of the bedroom is a trend that comes and goes without disappearing. Twenty years ago, no one could imagine a bed without a headboard. Many were upholstered, and others were made of metal, but every bed had to have a headboard in the nineties. It was part of the bedroom and one more element when decorating a house. Although today it is optional, this fashion will continue to conquer many who will see this element as a success.


This piece of furniture was used as a place to dedicate time to personal beauty. Over the years, this element was suppressed by integrating it into the bathroom. Still, recently, we have seen how especially Influencers and media personalities return to show dressing tables in their bedrooms. If you have little space, it is the first element you should do without, but it will give an elegant and flirtatious touch if you have enough.

Of course, you don't have to use it as a makeup vanity; you can use it as a decorative piece of furniture or even as a small workspace. What do you think of the idea?


In how many houses have you seen these poufs? They molded your body and posture. And they were huge and colorful! That's not to say that we don't like them, we love poufs, but maybe now we like them more discreet.


In the bathroom, kitchen, and bedrooms (especially for children): The borders went up the walls and delimited two areas. Either a wall painted with two colors, or a wainscot and the rest of the wall, or a piece of wallpapered wall and the other just paint. There were many options! But not anymore.


  In the '90s, Brit-pop triumphed with Blur and Oasis. And in the houses, it was the turn of the carpet, one of the most brit features that we can find. Of course, no English house does not have carpet. But, at least here, carpeting was reserved - fortunately - mainly for the bedrooms.


Although mini-chains started to come on the market and perhaps no longer offered the option of a record player (that's what CDs were for), a good stereo still had cassettes. So unless you are a music lover, today you can dedicate the space on your shelf or, as here, in the niche for something else.


Especially those towers to store your compact discs (some even had curves). You can keep your music in boxes, especially if you don't listen to them anymore. You'll free up shelf space (or get rid of the tower) and won't accumulate as much dust.

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