Ten ideas for a trendy bathroom

Ten ideas for a trendy bathroom

Colorful or unexpected elements, discover proposals of easy application and excellent results to design a contemporary bathroom.

Towel rack to the sky. Replace the classic towel racks anchored to the wall with an original ladder, serving as an auxiliary piece in the bathroom. How? Adding hooks and baskets of plant fibers will also help to store cosmetics, brushes, and other utensils. Is another option to have a unique towel rack in warm and organic environments? A simple dry trunk. You will only need to polish the branches to avoid damaging towels and bathrobes with snags and fix them to the wall and floor so that it stays upright.

Luxury is (almost) always metallic. Add a luxurious touch with gold, silver, or copper elements. Apply it to faucets, sinks, mirrors, and small details—creative paint for the alert mind. Change the look of your bathroom simply and inexpensively. Create a stencil with geometric shapes and use it as a base to decorate one of the walls or small corners. Open and close in full color. Use a colorful faucet, in a bold hue, as a breakthrough element in a neutral bathroom. Accompany the scene with objects in the same shade to give continuity to the chosen color.

You on the right and me on the left. If you are one of those who have a shared bathroom and two separate sinks, be original by using two different mirrors for each side, either by the shape or by the materials chosen. This will create an authentic atmosphere and better zoning of spaces: It all adds up.

Color in abundance. According to the Pantone Color Institute, dare to place a sink in quartz pink, the color of the year. Halfway between pale pink and pastel, up to 60% of our readers have also agreed that it would be the year's color, according to a survey conducted among our community—perfect tiles and styling. If you love bright, white bathrooms but want to add some color, choose a tile design that features a variety of colors. This way, you'll be able to introduce pieces that stand out against the white ones. Finally, complete the look with matching towels and accessories.

Together, what do I want you for? If you are looking to renew the look of your bathroom without investing too much time or money, paint the tiles with a specific enamel or change the color of the joints using a simple marker that exists on the market for this purpose. Suggestion? Create a fun play of contrasts with shades that stand out against the color of the tile—an unexpected altar for the sink. You can use almost any surface as a sink base: a sturdy stool, a reclaimed dresser, or an old sewing machine table.

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