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Selling without a Catalog or Reps

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Many years ago, Richardson Seating's furniture was sold through reps.  Each rep had a territory and if a sale came in from that territory, the sales person would get a commission.  We printed hard catalogs every year that would cost us about $20.00 each.  We would rely on the sales rep to bring the catalog to the dealer.  Then we needed to rely on the dealer to show our catalog to a restaurant buyer and suggest our products.  It was not easy.  Our line wasn't as excited as selling fridges or some of the bigger easier items to sell so the reps were never very focused on our line.  Over time we decided that we were going to go full out for the Internet and embrace technology.  Our factory may be old
fashioned but our marketing is quite relevant.  I mean I am writing a blog article about food service reps because it is a subject I know that might be interesting to someone.  How many other chair manufacturers are pumping out content.  So instead of reps, we started working with small online dealers who were able to optimize their websites and sell our products on the Internet.  All of our orders come from the Internet in one way or another.  Other than repeat business, most people see our products for the first time on the web.  Our goal is to get you to see a picture of our bar stools and have you fall in love with them.  There are several places that you can buy them but if its one of our signature styles, we will most likely get the order.  If you want to make sure we are the company making your bar stools, send us a message and we will get you sorted out.  In addition to the items you find pictured on our website, we can make a whole bunch more.  We can alter most of our items colors, finishes, and buttons.  We can add buttons, we can take away buttons.  We can make the back rest taller.  For a large restaurant order, we can make it however you like.

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