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Does Richardson Seating ship out of the United States?

We ship all over the world.  Most of our orders ship to the states, but we ship to Canada, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, and many other places.  One of the problems shipping our furniture overseas is that it is very expensive to ship.  Our furniture is typically packed in large boxes that protect the furniture but take up a lot of space.  For small orders, it often makes sense to ship via air
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because it is so much faster and far less complicated.  For big orders, we can ship via boat to the nearest port city.  If you arrange your own transportation from the dock yard, that is the least expensive way to bring furniture in from the US, but it is not simple.  Picking up a package at a shipping yard maybe confusing and time consuming.  That is why for smaller orders we typically ship with DB Schenker and ship via air.  They can ship door to door, or they can ship to the airport and let you pick it up.  We typically recommend letting them deliver small orders.  For larger restaurant orders, we can ship via partial container or full container.  It is not often that we get export orders large enough for a container but if that is what you need, it won't be a problem for us to load it for you.  When it comes to Europe, there aren't many companies building American style chrome furniture.  There is a big company in the Netherlands that imports from China, but no one is representing good quality American made furniture.  If you are outside of the United States, you can always work directly with us to plan your order.  If you are looking for booths, tables, and table bases we can help put together a whole restaurant package.  We can be your one stop shop for US made furniture.  When it comes to buying commercial product for restaurants, you can't do much better than buying American.  Western Europe also makes terrific products, but their prices are so much higher.  Even with international shipping and the exchange rate, it often makes sense to source products from the United States.  For Canadian order, we can usually ship small orders affordably via UPS and for larger orders, we can ship with our LTL carriers.  Please send us an email and we would love to help you.

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