Should I reupholster or buy new furniture for my restaurant?

Should I reupholster or buy new furniture for my restaurant?

Reupholstering your worn out restaurant furniture might be the best solution if you are looking to save money, save the environment, and especially if you have good quality frames but the seat just needs to be reupholstered.  As a restaurant or a bar owner, you probably already understand that professionally upholstered furniture is an investment worth making. Your employees, and most importantly, customers spend time around your furniture causing food mishap and drink spills. This may cause your furniture to stain and, in the long run, tear and wear.  

With the food and restaurant industry hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, most business owners are cash strapped. As such, it makes sense if they look for pro reupholstering and repairing services for their furniture to ensure that the furniture is in top condition.

Whether you're looking to upholster restaurant chairs, booths, or even bar stools—and you're not sure if it's the right decision, you're in the right place. Before contacting the upholstery experts, here are 3 more excellent reasons why upholstering your furniture makes sense.

3 Reasons Why Reupholstering your Restaurant's Furniture Makes Sense

  1. Does the furniture require deep cleaning

If your furniture is worn, torn, or saggy, you just need a good once-over with professional upholstery cleaner.  Besides repairing your furniture, reupholstery cleaners have the expertise to correctly clean upholstered furniture.

With the coronavirus updates coming in quick and thick, it's the responsibility of hotel managers and staff to take care and improve the guest's health and safety.  One way that hotel managers can enhance guests' health and safety is ensuring furniture' surfaces are repaired, which staff can easily decontaminate using pre-approved U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) disinfectants.

  1. Can't replicate the furniture design, reupholster it

If the furniture piece can't be replicated, reupholstering is an excellent choice. We're talking about furniture which has a sentimental value attached to it or just great pieces that are no longer being made. You may want to fix something given by a loved one or you may just need to fix up some restaurant chairs at a reasonable price.

In other instances, you may find the chair to be exceptionally comfortable with nothing else to compare it to. Even mesmerizing more, it might have unusual dimensions and perfectly fits in a particular space well. If you're faced with such a scenario, then looking for expert upholstery services is the right decision for you.

Simply, you should reupholster your furniture if it has a timeless design, has sentimental value, or it has a long-term resale prospect. 

  1. Want to create a customized or add special details to your restaurant furniture, reupholster it

Reupholstering allows you more fabric options—you can customize a piece of furniture or add unique details. If you can find a really good quality imported restaurant chair or stool, you can buy it and then pay someone to reupholster it.  You can easily match the upholstered piece's fabric with already existing colors in the room or even use the exact same material.  Your customers will be pleasantly pleased with your remodel.

Can I call a Pro Upholstery Expert Now?

With the world learning how to live with the novel Corona Virus today, experts have identified that disinfecting furniture surfaces is one of the ways curbing the spread of the virus. From the front desk surface to restaurants, chairs, booths, and bars stools—none of your restaurant's furniture should be torn, worn, or saggy. It's the manager's and staff's responsibility to protect their guest whenever they visit your place by ensuring that the furniture surfaces can be decontaminated.  There are materials that are Covid resistant and now may be the time to reupholster your restaurant chairs and your bar stools with something easier to clean.

If you're looking for superior upholstery repairs for your restaurant's chairs, booths, and bar stools, then Richardson's Seating is your perfect partner.  

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