Restaurant Seating 101: Choose the Best Chairs for Dining Out

Restaurant Seating 101: Choose the Best Chairs for Dining Out

Restaurant Seating

Today’s diners are looking to be wowed. Not just by the food, but by the ambiance of a space. A glance at the world’s best restaurants proves it.

Furniture can cultivate an experience for diners, and none more so than restaurant seating.

Just think about it.

The look of the chairs in the restaurant space matters. Do the proportions work with the proportions of the room? Do the materials they’re made from match the interior design?

The feel of the chair counts, too. How comfortable is it to sit on? Is it easy to pull out from the restaurant tables?

Read on for essential advice on getting restaurant seating right.

Incorporate Seating Into Your Floor Plan

Restaurant designers need to create a restaurant floor plan to get permit approval. There’s plumbing, electricals, and kitchen equipment to consider.

But sometimes restaurateurs forget that chair selection is just as important.

A word to the wise: Don’t put restaurant seating last.

Whether you’re creating a small restaurant arrangement plan or you’re working with an interior design company, put some thought into the furniture from the beginning.

Make a Restaurant Seating Checklist

Pre-plan your chair purchases and save money.

Things to think about when adding chairs into a restaurant floor plan:

  • Do your guests have enough elbow room? Chairs should be slim and lightweight.
  • Do the colors and materials fit with your branding? Angular steel chairs won’t work in a French-themed bistro.
  • Are the restaurant chairs free from intricate details? Avoid dust collectors.
  • Are the chairs sturdy enough? Think of guests with physical challenges.
  • Have you mixed-and-matched seating options? You need to cater to large and small groups.
  • Are the chairs too cheap? Pricey restaurant chairs are better quality, last longer, and can be reupholstered to match changes in decor.
  • Do you need to add a logo? Be sure to work with a company that offers this option.

Comfort Keeps Customers Coming Back

Consider the restaurant seating experience from the customer’s point of view.

The average diner in the USA spends almost two hours in a restaurant space. Longer if they linger a bit over dessert and that final glass of wine.

If the chair they’re sitting in isn’t ergonomic, their experience will be marred by discomfort.

Do you have a bar? Bar seating needs to meet different needs. Think height adjustment, sturdy fixtures, and a place to hang a bag. And what about restaurant chairs for a covered patio? Alfresco dining attracts familiesso the furniture needs to be suitable for children.

Keep It Sanitary

Look for materials that are easy to wipe clean. Upholstery vinyl comes in an astonishing array of colors and textures. Framing and fixtures made of wood or steel are the most durable.

Likewise, choosing darker colors that don’t show the dirt will keep your dining room decor looking fresher for longer.

If you do have restaurant seating in need of repair, don’t leave it too long. Enquire with your furniture supplier about reupholstery services. You’ll save money and keep the chairs out of the landfill.

Match the Food to the Design

Maybe you have a food truck with a few seats out front. Perhaps you’re the owner of a Michelin-starred establishment with designer furniture.

As long as your food matches the quality of your interior design, your restaurant is destined for success.

The experienced team at Richardson Seating is ready and waiting to advise you on the best restaurant seating. Reach out for a consultation today.

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