Restaurant Furniture Repair

Restaurant Furniture Repair

Furniture Repair at Richardson SeatingWe now offer furniture repair at Richardson Seating.  We can repair booth benches, chairs, and bar stools.  If you have the standard beech wood chair or metal ladder back, we can make them better than they were before.  We can replace the particle board seat with heavy duty plywood, replace the foam, and replace the vinyl.  We can upgrade you to super durable, denim resistant, and ink resistant vinyl like Spirit Supreme by Naugahyde.  If we are going to make completely new seats, we can make them and get them to you so you don't have to be closed.  If you would like us to reuse your wood or foam, we will need them for at least a single business day.  Since every restaurant needs something different, you just have to tell us your needs and we can figure out a program that works for you.  In addition to redoing upholstery we can also restore black paint, chrome, brass, and brown.  We can send the frame out to be powdercoated a new color or send it out for a clear coat.

Richardson Seating's minimum order for restoration and repair is $2500.00.  We are best suited for large restaurants who have 50 or more chairs and bar stools. 

Now is a time for restaurants to save money.  One of the best ways of saving money is to repair your furniture instead of replace.  Many times the frames coming from China are fine but the upholstery quality is very low.  We can take the frames and put new wood, foam, and vinyl and make them premium chairs. 

Did you buy fancy new restaurant chairs from Italy but you can't keep them clean?  We can change out the fabric or vinyl to something a bit more practical.  We have vinyl that can handle over 2 million double rubs. 

When you work with Richardson Seating you will get a custom quote for your specific needs.  We require pictures and possible a sample for quoting.  We will need to know how many units you have and we will need to figure out transportation.  That is why were are planning to limit this service to Chicago and why we have set the minimum so high.

There are many different ways to repair furniture.  Richardson Seating can determine the best way to fix your furniture while creating the least amount of waste.

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