Restaurant Furniture in Rockford Illinois

Restaurant Furniture in Rockford Illinois

Rockford Illinois Ice Hogs LogoRockford Illinois is not a place known to supply restaurant furniture.  That doesn't matter because Rockford is right by Chicago and Chicago is probably the king of restaurant furniture.  There are so many manufacturers in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.  When most people think of Rockford Illinois one thing comes to mind.  At least when I think of Rockford, I think of Cheap Trick.

Rockford is located on the banks of the Rock River in Winnebago County.  It is one of the Northern most cities in Illinois and it 5th largest city in the state behind Joliet, Chicago, Naperville, and Aurora.  There are a ton of restaurants and factories but none that I know of making restaurant furniture.  Chicago is so close that it just makes sense to buy from Chicago when you live in Rockford.  It is a quick drive down Interstate 90 and if you time it right you can usually miss traffic.

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