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Restaurant Furniture in Champaign, Illinois

University of Illinois Fighting Illini
Champaign and Urbana are the two cities in Illinois that are home to the University of Illinois.  That is where I went to school.  While in school I took various bar jobs and restaurant jobs.  My favorite job was working for Mulligan's Ale House which was one of the bars owned by the Cochrane family.  I lived in buildings owned by Gillespie Roland and worked at the Daily Illini.  Since Champaign isn't that big of a city, there aren't that many furniture manufacturers nearby.  As I was a student I was always interested if the bar stools and the chairs that restaurants had.  I assume that it comes from me being part of a long line bar stool makers.  I was not able to find anywhere to intern in the Champaign county.  Urbana-Champaign is so close to Chicago, that most of the restaurant furniture in Champaign comes from Chicago.  Chicago is only 130 miles away.  I did the drive hundreds of times.  It is easy to drive to Chicago for the day and pickup some furniture on your way back.  It is also so close that using a truck to ship the furniture is very inexpensive.  Champaign and Urbana are not known as big manufacturing towns,  Everything in Champaign country revolves around the University of Illinois.  We are Fighting Illini fans at Richardson Seating. Well at least some of us are.  Others are AZ Wildcats fans.  Whenever anyone in Champaign County or anywhere in the state of Illinois is considering new restaurant furniture, they should consider working with Richardson Seating.  We are just a quick drive up Interstate 57 and right off of the Eisenhower Expressway or 290.  Come by for a tour or come by to pickup your furniture.  If you live in Champaign County or anywhere in Central Illinois for that matter, please consider Richardson Seating for your commercial furniture needs.

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