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Restaurant Curbside Delivery and Pickup

Restaurant curbside pickup is the only good thing to come out of the pandemic.  I live in Chicago.  Specifically I live in the downtown area amongst all of the tall buildings.  It is a great place to walk around and take public transportation but it is a difficult place to get your car around.  Before the pandemic, curbside pickup didn't really exist.  When I wanted a Lou Malnati's Pizza, I needed to find a parking space on State and 7th, parallel park, and pay the meter.  It was fine in good weather, but in bad weather and snow, this whole parking thing wasn't ideal.  Sometimes we would drive to the restaurant looking for parking and end up parking closer to our apartment rather than close to the restaurant.

When it comes to these tough times, it is nice to be able to get the food I love and not have to park.  I have mostly been using Grubhub, but I have done curbside several times to save the ridiculous fees.

One of the newest and most excited changes in the restaurant industry in Chicago is that they just made a law that 3rd party delivery drivers can charge a max rate of 15%.  Supposedly the 15% max rate will exist until the pandemic is over.  I prefer to order direct from the restaurant but right now it is hard.  Most restaurants are using 3rd party deliveries.  The ones that use their own drivers often have 90 minute wait times and the restaurant isn't able to give you an update on where your food is.

Grubhub lets you know what is going on with your order.  It is great software and provides a wonderful user experience.  I just wish they could do it without charging a ridiculous amount to the customer and to the restaurant.

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