Lead times are 6-8 weeks | June '22

Restaurant Business during Covid

Restaurants are part of a delicate food chain of businesses.  Without restaurants to distribute food, suppliers, fisherman, butchers, and many other business that support restaurants are going to struggle.  We are already feeling the effects.  We are not getting as many restaurant orders as we did in February and March.  We are trying to pivot.  We have offered reupholstery services.  We have our line of custom logo bar stools.  We also have a line of bar stools and chairs that work really well at home.  We sell our products on Amazon and Wayfair and some of the other biggest websites.  We are slowly putting all of our items back in stock.  We had them out of stock during our temporary shut down and then we kept them off while we had a monster backlog that we needed to ship.  Now that our backlog is down to normal, we are able to start doing more drop shipping.  We have some new and exciting products that we are about to introduce to Wayfair so please keep your eye out.

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