Restaurant Booths

We often get asked if we make restaurant booths.  The short answer is no we don't.  The long answer is that we have partnered with several booth manufacturers and can help you with your bar stools, tables, table bases, and booths.  We only work with high quality US based manufacturers.  By working with several manufacturers we can also offer different price points and different styles.  We have stock booths and we can do custom.  We can maker center islands, curved booths, and any other shape that you can imagine.  We also offer custom mill work.  You can rely on Richardson Seating and our reputation when trusting us with the entire front of house.  We can coordinate all of the purchases, shipments, storage, and anything else you need for your restaurant open.  We work with all types of companies that can provide outdoor furniture, metal bar stools, Tolix style chairs.  You name it, we can either make it or get it.

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