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Regal Beagle of Three's Company

The Regal Beagle was the name of the lounge that Jack, Chrissy and Janet used to go for drinks.  It didn’t seem that Regal sitting around and drinking beers in a little pub, but it was their home.  I don’t remember the seating style of the show.  Its been a long time since I have seen Three’s Company.  Seating at Regal Beagle was always plentiful, and I always remember Jack’s friend Larry making an entrance.  Does anyone remember if the Regal had bar stools, chairs, or booths?  There is a 3’s Company Wiki which has some cool information.  There is also a real Regal Beagle restaurant or at least there was.  The Regal Beagle patas de Daniel was located in the Chicago.  You think it would have been in one of the suburbs like Rockford or Addison.  What other sitcoms relied on bars as part of the set.  Obviously, there was Cheers but I know there much be a whole bunch more.  As the maker of bar stools and other restaurant furniture, I am always interested in seeing restaurant furniture and other item that I make when they are on TV or in the theater.  For instance, our furniture was used in the move Raw Deal with Arnold Schwarzenegger  and our building was part of the background for Wildcats.  We also made some bar stools for the old TV show Stan Hooper.  Does anyone remember that one?  Regal’s bar stools and Regal’s chairs would be fun to install into a new establishment.  It would look totally 1970s.  A lot of our line was finalized in the 1970’s so I bet some of our furniture would work at the Regal Beagle.  Another fun place that I think of when I think of TV bars and restaurants is The Peach Pit and of course the Peach Pit After Dark.  I think the first time I saw the Flaming Lips perform it was at the Peach Pit on an episode of 90210.  I immediately thought they wouldn't be that good of a band, but it turns out I was wrong to judge them for going on Bev Hills.  I saw them at Lollapalooza and they put on an amazing show with lights and colors and dressed up characters.  It was one of the best live shows I have seen.  it was so good that I saw them again wheen I was in Seattle with my wife and kid a few years later.  We had a baby sitter of course.

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