Outdoor Restaurant Furniture

We have outdoor restaurant furniture in stock and available for this summer season (summer 2022).  The furniture is manufactured in Italy but stocked in Pennsylvania.  Hurry before styles run out.

Outdoor restaurant furniture has gained a new popularity with the recent changes demanded by the government.  As a manufacturer of bar stools, it is imperative to our longevity and success that restaurants allowed to be open and serve people indoors.  The best we can do right now is pivot towards outdoor furniture.  Many restaurants have been able to stay open with outdoor bar stools and tables and chairs.  

None of the big importers planned to sell this much outdoor restaurant furniture and many of them are waiting on their replacement containers from China.  We had lots of customers asking us for outdoor chairs and table and we weren't able to meet their needs.  We scoured the United States for the perfect partner and we found Emu Italian outdoor restaurant furniture.

Emu keeps items in stock and ready to ship.  We are now able to round out our line a little by providing the high quality outdoor furniture that our clients need.  We plan to continue aligning ourselves with market leaders until we are able to represent the entire front of house.  We want to be a non stop shop for tables, booths, bar stools, chairs, and bars.  We are even looking into design work.

As the market changes, we know that we must change.  One of our first changes was adding outdoor furniture to our product mix.  I think you will find that there are some other exciting changes coming down the pipeline.  

We are able to sell booths and table tops.  We offer high pressure laminate tables like Formica and Wilsonart and we can also do solid wood.  For outdoor restaurant tables, we offer many different types of aluminum or aluminium as they say in the UK.  When looking for outdoor furniture it is important to know what it is made of.  It is better to have products that are made of stainless steel or aluminum.  Carbon steel can be used with a waterproof coating but if that coating ever gets a hole, you will get rust.

Why is it aluminium in the UK and aluminum in the USA?

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