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Richardson Seating furniture used at Notre Dame Stadium

VIP Bar Stools at Notre Dame StadiumThis is a picture of Notre Dame Stadium.  One of our vendors was there for a football game and texted me this picture saying "are these yours?"  Excitedly I replied back yes.  We had made them.  It has been a couple of years but we did an order of about 500 bar stools model 2530 a few years back and we had kid of forgotten about it.  We knew it was shipping to Notre Dame Stadium home of The Fighting Irish but we didn't think about it.  When we got this picture we realized that not only were they are the stadium, they were being used for some sort of VIP seating right at the glass inside a covered area.  That is a pretty amazing location for our product to be.  I have to imagine that thousands of people see it very year.  If you want to see what bar stool was ordered, here is a link to our Button Tufted Bucket stool model 2530.  We haven't been to Notre Dame Stadium and even if we were able to go and get tickets, we wouldn't end up in the VIP section.  If anyone makes it to the stadium and gets to see our bar stools, please send us some pictures.  We would love to post them on our website.

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