Nightlife in Chicago

Nightlife in Chicago

Late Night In Chicago

Chicago is the largest city in the Illinois state of the US, having more than 2.7 million population. The city is famous for its bold architecture, best restaurants, jazz music, various theaters exhibiting a variety of talents, and dance parties that brightens the nightlife for hours.

Nightlife in Chicago

Nightlife in Chicago means entertainment, epic dance parties, pubs, bars, music, concerts, theaters, cinemas, and shows. Chicago is the birthplace of music and knows how to keep the party going on with unforgettable energy. Night scenes in Chicago have a deeply fascinating history with rigorous clientele.


Even after 2 am in the town, late-night establishments do not end. All types of bars ranging from luxury bars to dive bars, from pubs to restaurants scatter lights throughout the city and keep the party going until the sunrise. All these places attract masses of people for different reasons.

Clubs in Chicago

Chicago has to offer much in the context of clubs and nightlife. The restaurant furniture used in these clubs also varies from club to club. Some of the most prominent clubs around the state are discussed below.

●      Green Mill

One of the oldest Chicago night clubs is Green Mill, which was opened in 1907. If you are fond of jazz music and poetry, you must visit Green Mill. It is furnished with different Capone's booths. You can sit in your favorite booth and enjoy food or drinks with live music performances from big named artists to local musicians throughout the night till the next morning.

●      Coco Club

Coco Club is a modern speakeasy with elements of classic designs and modern technology. It is located above Maddanthony's Bar and Grill and is famous for cocktail parties, shoots, gatherings like bridal parties, etc. It has a narrow space for around 125 people. The club is specially designed for those who like sophisticated places. Fresh ingredient drinks with diversified music genres, from piano to lounge singer, are to be relished. There is no space or bar furniture to sit, so you have put your dance shoes on and enjoy all-night dancing.

●      Smart Bar

Smart Bar is one of the most famous and important night club in Chicago with a capacity of 400 people. It was opened in 1982 and soon became the dancing heart of the city, making the entire city beat with its music beats. European sound system makes it ideal for listening to DJs and old dusty records and lose yourself to dancing. Most of the space in the bar is used as the dance floor. The bar furniture comprises of comfortable sofas to sit and enjoy your drinks and food. Even Chicago's traditional sushi is also available there.

●      Coq d’Or

Coq d'Or is famous for many reasons. Firstly, it's located at the Drake Hotel in Chicago, and secondly, it holds the status of becoming the second bar which obtained a liquor license, back in 1933. The restaurant’s furniture consists of a low ceiling, wooden floor, and red leather seats and sofas, which evoke a different era of Coq d'Or. It is the perfect place to relax and take a sip of whiskey. You can order famous bookbinder soup or classic seafood, and even you can have an after-dinner cigar to make yourself feel comfier.

●      Berlin Night Club

Berlin Night Club is the best night club, providing a dance floor at a low price. From disorienting, brutal, surprising to long-lasting fun, Berlin is the best club to choose. It attracts a large number of people because of its friendly gay environment. Theme nights are also arranged often with different live fun activities. You can enjoy strong drinks at reasonable prices and enjoy yourself completely without any discrimination or fear.

●      Disco Night Club

With gigantic lights, LED dance floor, glittering disco balls on the ceiling, and walls of massive mirrors with custom retro wall covering, Disco night club throwbacks to 70s era. Its music playlists are filled with the 70s DJs' soul spinning classic and modern twists. It is the best spot for those who are seeking late-night dance spot. Crafty cocktails and bottle services are also presented.

●      Barrelhouse

The Barrel house is the finest established bar for drinks in the city. Different food like headcheese and different flavored popcorn are served. The club furniture inhibits a wooden floor with the most beautiful furniture and peaceful environment. Everything is arranged so aesthetically at this place, even the game zone.

●      Danny’s Tavern

Danny's Tavern is famous for its floor-shaking beats and bottle services. It is not like a club, but still, it has been turned into a place having dynamic playlists and dancing floor. The music versatility is available to enjoy from, which includes hip hop to samba or modern music, etc. One can easily hold a glass of whiskey and become a part of the crowd.

●      Beauty Bar

The sparkling bars of Beauty Bar make the visitors fall in love with the atmosphere, which reminds them of San Francisco. The Bar is furnished like a 60s beauty salon's furniture. Ceilings are full of disco balls, hanging out under these balls and dancing make one feel more energetic. The celebration of different theme parties is also presented. The bar is furnished like a beauty salon, so in case if your nails need artwork, you can also avail this service in the bar.


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