Mediterranean style: Light in your home

Mediterranean style: Light in your home

It is perfect for generating a fresh and bright atmosphere, which is appreciated during the summer but is not exclusive to these months of the year.

With these ideas on applying the color blue, what accessories go best with it, and how to play with natural materials, you will quickly make any corner of your home acquire a Mediterranean touch. This is a very summery style, which can be enhanced in the warmer months and minimized in the colder months while maintaining its essence. Here's how. Give prominence to the shutters. They are the most characteristic elements of this style. You will see them in many houses on the coast. In summer, their use becomes essential to mitigate the heat. The wooden slats immediately suggest the proximity to the sea. A shutter painted in vibrant blue will filter through its slats a beautiful light that will stain the entire room.

Walls. One of the most eye-catching options to create a Mediterranean effect is to paint the walls indigo blue. But on the other hand, this is a somewhat risky decision, since it is not something that can be easily changed, like the accessories or curtains. To avoid an overloaded space, we recommend that you paint the ceiling white. You will get to give all the prominence to the blue of the walls but in a balanced way.

Variety of tones. The chromatic palette of blues is as extensive as the sea, its coves, small beaches, and vast sandy areas. It is a color that offers us the possibility of reproducing a sea that encompasses a wide diversity of countries and cultures; because in each place, the blue of the sea adopts a different tone. On the coasts of Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Morocco, we find sky blue to indigo, topaz, light cyan, and the most comprehensive ranges of turquoise, among other varieties. They all work very well in combination with each other, just as they do in the sea. Don't be afraid to mix them both in paint and textile complements.

Radiant luminosity. A sparkling luminosity and clarity characterize everything surrounding the Mediterranean essence and spirit. In this environment, it is convenient to discard large curtains of opaque fabrics and opt instead for light pieces and vaporous sheers in very natural textures, such as linen and cotton. These will allow sunlight to flood the room in a slightly diffused way.

Natural materials and textures. Suppose we want to achieve a corner of the Mediterranean character. In that case, it is essential to incorporate into the space pieces of organic nature: cubes of different sizes of rough wood, elements made of rope, rustic wood flooring, vegetable fibers, and linen and cotton fabrics.

Motifs. Striped fabrics, anchor or coral motifs, and Mallorcan ikats -commonly known as "tongue fabrics"- are the perfect resource to recreate the Mediterranean style in cushions, covers, poufs, and sofa upholstery, curtains, and net curtains. They are fabrics with a solid aesthetic presence that, combined with other plain fabrics in cotton or linen, will bring an atmosphere of great decorative richness to the room.

Small details of craftsmanship. Pieces of local basketry, esparto grass rugs, and vibrant blue ceramics are elements that help create an atmosphere of Mediterranean character through traditional elements that we all have in our memory. It is not necessary to overload a space, nor does it need to end up being a kitschy place. There is a multitude of very contemporary pieces in today's craftsmanship.

Contemporary Mediterranean. In the living room of the image, there is a pleasant Ibizan style, which is evident in the selection of furniture and accessories of natural origin and the vegetation outside. However, it is a non-traditional space, with refined aesthetics and straight lines bordering on minimal. The Mediterranean style can also be recreated in contemporary homes; it is not exclusive to traditional environments.

The cushions. A simple decorative pillow in blue on an armchair or a sofa immediately brings marine connotations, especially if you top it with a hemp or cotton rope. But, if you can't find it in stores, it's an easy and affordable task that will add personality to your home. Especially when white is the dominant color, cushions in different shades of blue give the nautical look of the Mediterranean coast.

It is not only for summer. Although it is indeed a style closely linked to the warmer seasons of the year, if during the winter it seems that it does not fit too much with your home, play with the accessories to increase or minimize the Mediterranean atmosphere: replace the blue cushions with sackcloth, a carpet in which only the border is blue and use plaids of more winter colors. Make small changes through accessories and curtains that maintain the style but soften it.

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