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Marvel Logo Bar Stools

Custom logo bar stool for parts counters
t would be our dream to one day make Marvel Logo Bar Stools.  So many of our heros have logos that would work perfectly on a round circle.  I especially want to see what Captain America's shield would like printed on a bar stool.  Spider man's logo would be super cool.  I think you could figure out something with the Thor hammer.  Although it probably wouldn't sell well, I would love to have a Loki bar stool.  It should have him in his weird horns jhat.  He and THor are my favorite characters from the marvel universe.  Next would probably be Iron Man.  Now that Disney is running the show, maybe it would be possible to get licensed.  Disney is probably easier to work with than Marvel was on its own.  We have our first two licenses right now with Mossy Oak and Realtree which we haven't done anything with so we aren't up for the dhall3ng right now but we many be soon.

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