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VIdeos of American furniture manufacturing. Welding and T Nut Riveting

Here is a video of us welding up some bar stool frames. We weld all of our frames in house using Millermatic Mig welding machines. As you can see in the picture we are using a Millermatic 200.  They are on the older side but they are work horses.  We weld using a mix of Argon and Carbon Dioxide.  We use mostly 35 wire but we have some projects where we change it out.  Our metal shop allows us to offer styles and options not found at most other manufacturers that just import. Here is a video of us riveting T Nuts into a wood seat that we are making in our wood shop. We rivet our T Nuts so that they won't pop out like cheaper nuts. It is the little things like this that no one notices that make our products better and last longer than the competition.  We used to hit the T Nuts in with a hammer and then put a staple on them to make sure they didn't pop out.  This is so much easier and provides a much better connection.

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