Kitchen of the week: Elegance in black and white

Kitchen of the week: Elegance in black and white

This space open to the living room opts for a simple and functional aesthetic.

Greek Barcelona signed this project whose premise was to design a kitchen open to the living room. "The client likes to cook and wanted to enhance the relationship established with the environment while preparing food. For this reason we opted for a space open to the living room where you could interact with others while preparing the dishes," says the project manager, Loida Ruiz. To this end, we opted for the Bulthaup b3 system island, which separates the areas but also acts as a visual link. The ceiling-mounted extractor hood is installed above this dividing module, which houses the cooking area, to achieve a neat aesthetic. The always infallible black-white binomial is omnipresent in the space: "We have framed the entire front of white columns in black," says the interior designer. This contrasting effect is repeated at the island, with the white stools standing out against the dark background.

The work island serves as a dividing element with the adjoining living room. It houses the cooking and washing area on one side, finished in stainless steel, and a cantilevered porcelain bar on the other, resting on the back of the island. All the furniture, with its clean, minimalist design, is from Bulthaup's b3 system. The lamps hanging from the ceiling are the Slim model, a design by Jordi Vilardell for Vibia. The general lighting of the kitchen is resolved with recessed spotlights in the ceiling. Equipped with flush induction hob, water zone with domestic osmosis included, dishwasher and wine cooler, the island also has oak cabinets in the back, in front of the stools.

The hood, from Gutmann, avoids being a visual obstacle. It is the Campo II model, which is operated and lowered by remote control. It is both an aesthetic and functional solution because it uses perimeter technology that takes advantage of the circulating current itself, raising the smoke and steam to the outlet slots at high speed. The island has a double height system: while the bar is 1 meter high, the steel worktop is 91 cm high. It has two faucets: one from which normal water comes out, and the other equipped with an osmosis system from which water for drinking and cooking comes out. "We wanted a removable faucet because it is much more convenient, but this type of system does not allow us to have a double osmosis-normal water channel," says Loida.

The columns function as an integrated wall on the back of the island and house the rest of the appliances, all from Gaggenau: the oven and microwave are left exposed, while the refrigerator and freezer are integrated, as well as the rest of the cabinets. The fronts of these columns are in matt white lacquer, framed by a brown oak finish, almost black, thus achieving a modern and elegant effect. All from Bulthaup. To align the 90 cm oven with the narrower width of the microwave without sacrificing space, a system of doors was devised on the sides for storing baking trays, cookbooks or whatever else is desired. It opens with a practical push-open system. This avoids having to put a handle in sight.

The elements are arranged in such a way that unnecessary walking around is avoided: the integrated refrigerator and freezer are located next to the cooking area consisting of the oven and microwave as well as the induction hob. The washing area, on the other hand, is located opposite the pantry.

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