Kitchen islands: Furniture you never imagined could be used for this purpose

Kitchen islands: Furniture you never imagined could be used for this purpose

Consider other furniture from antique counters to butcher blocks if a conventional island doesn't fit your space or style. Because the kitchen island is a relatively new piece, they are usually contemporary in design. However, suppose the area you have is not this style. If your budget is not very high, or you are simply looking for something original and different, take a look at this selection of proposals or furniture that initially had other uses and have been adapted to function as islands.

Counters. Although this kitchen already has an island with a small bar area, we have additionally included a much larger one by recycling a counter from an old establishment—a piece with tradition that will make your kitchen become a unique place. If you have enough space and on the other side is located a dining room or a living room, look for one with beautiful details in the front and put it facing that area. In the back, either by yourself or with the help of a carpenter, turn it into an open storage space.

Consoles. This type of furniture can also serve as a work island, especially if the kitchen is narrow. It is best to opt for models that include drawers under the countertop and lower shelves for pots and pans or baskets. If you opt for a console table, the best thing is that they can be found in virtually any style and material. Just make sure that the height is appropriate, similar to the size of the kitchen countertop, if that is comfortable for you because sometimes consoles are too low to be used for this purpose.

Trolleys. They come in many styles; you are sure to find one that fits you. The only thing you should keep in mind is ensuring that the wheels have a locking system. In addition to the classic wooden or stainless steel ones, you can also find retro models like this one with an enameled top, an atypical piece that will give a vintage touch to your kitchen.

Butcher's chop. An authentic butcher's chopping table will give your kitchen a particular atmosphere. The most common size for this type of piece is a square of 76 cm long, although there are also larger and rectangular ones. They are a good choice for small kitchens. The only disadvantage is that it is not a cheap piece of furniture, and if you buy it second-hand, although the wear on the top has a lot of charm, its uneven surface can make food preparation somewhat tedious.

Comfortable. If your kitchen has a classic style, a model like this will fit better than one of the current designs. If you choose to buy a second-hand one to restore and paint it yourself, do not strive to find a piece in excellent condition, as the price will be considerably lower the more worn it is. Instead, you can put a good countertop with what you save, like this marble one. As the back may be flat and not have the same finish as the front, perhaps you can also leave it open with the help of a carpenter to have all the utensils closer at hand.

Industrial workbenches. Initially used in factories or workshops, tables and carts are other exciting options for creating a kitchen island. Look at auctions, thrift stores, or street markets, and if you come across a workbench like this one, don't hesitate to buy it! Even if it's rusted, it can be fixed, sanded, and painted. Change the board for a new wooden one if the one it comes with significantly deteriorates, something you can do yourself or with the help of a carpenter. If the structure is made of metal, it is worth painting it in a striking color, for example, a robust red; the contrast is usually perfect.

Do it yourself. If your budget is too low, you can build a kitchen island with a couple of old, worn-out shelves mounted on a warehouse-style metal shelving unit. It will bring an original industrial look to your kitchen like the picture.

Old-fashioned tables. If you have an old table that you no longer use, maybe you can restore it and place it in the center of the kitchen; this will automatically acquire a new function as a food preparation island. Place it preferably in front of the water and cooking area, in parallel.

Wine barrels. If they are used in bars as high tables, also, as you see, this is an element that can fit in a kitchen. However, the top is more convenient to be made of marble than glass. Please give it a varnish or wax that matches the rest of the kitchen furniture.

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