Is your kitchen not very big? Eight tricks to get more out of it

Is your kitchen not very big? Eight tricks to get more out of it

Light colors, a pull-out table, paneled appliances: discover how to maximize a small kitchen.

If you live in a small apartment and your kitchen is not very big, sharpen your wits to make the most of every square meter. Nowadays there are many options to take advantage of every last space in a room and, on the other hand, having a small kitchen can be an advantage because maintaining and cleaning it will be easier. First, arrange the essential elements in the front, such as the oven, in this case, located under the countertop. The refrigerator has been paneled with the same white lacquered fronts of the furniture so that it is fully integrated into the whole and has been accompanied by a drawer freezer. The microwave has been placed on the countertop but could also have been embedded in one of the wall units to have more work surface.

There is even room for a high table with stools in this in-line kitchen. This simple but very effective layout is ideal for apartments where the kitchen is open to the living room. They are kitchens of a few square meters but are very practical. In this hallway kitchen, the furniture on the left wall has placed certain appliances, such as the oven and microwave, in a shallow structure. There is nothing left over; it has been thought through. The layout of small kitchens is less complicated since there is no need to move from one side to the other when cooking or to prepare food. However, we must take into account that the opening of the doors does not bother us and that we can open the appliances, such as the dishwasher, with total comfort.

Small kitchens tend to integrate better into the whole house and, therefore, it is recommended not to change the style to maintain uniformity and cohesion. This kitchen opens to the living room with white furniture that harmonizes perfectly with the painted ceiling beams and light table in the living room. A small kitchen requires meticulous decoration. A kitchen can be installed in any corner of the house, and this design is soundproof, taking advantage of the low ceiling of this attic with custom-made furniture. In addition, when the kitchen does not occupy a closed room but is open to the dining room, it is best to treat it as a part of the furniture.

The option of pull-out drawers is convenient because it allows you to make the most of all the space. The oven has also been recessed under the worktop, so it has been possible to use the wall cabinets to store utensils. It is advisable to find a way to obtain, as far as possible, a dining corner in the kitchen. In this case, the workspace occupies only one side of the wall, so it has been reinforced with an island where the water area is located. It also has a clever cantilevered pull-out bar. There are no tall units either, which makes it more uncluttered and increases the feeling of spaciousness. Nowadays, there are stackable sets of frying pans and casseroles with removable handles, making it possible to have a good set of pots and pans on shelves only 45 cm deep.

A small kitchen forces to have everything very well collected and ordered not to create an effect of chaos in the whole room. Therefore, a minimalist aesthetic like this kitchen is ideal. Thanks to a sliding panel are hidden and show the elements at our convenience. Just over two meters wide, this kitchen makes the most of the space with furniture that reaches the ceiling and contains everything you need for cooking. It even has a built-in coffee maker. And as if that were not enough, a table with stools allows one to gain meters to prepare food and eat. In short, a well-thought-out kitchen can be handy and efficient.

Despite its small size, this kitchen designed for a house in Barcelona includes a small and practical peninsula bar. It has even incorporated a small TV, which has been hung on the wall so as not to steal the countertop's surface. In small kitchens, it is best not to classify the space too much with many drawers: two good drawers, wide and deep, where you can store pots and pans, are worth more. Even if a kitchen is not very big, it does not have to be poorly equipped. If we manage the space well, we will be able to fit all the essential elements such as the stove, the dishwasher, the sink, the refrigerator, and cabinets to store crockery and utensils.

In this L-shaped kitchen, located in the Deulonder showroom in Barcelona, we find a 60 cm sink with a dishwasher next to it for convenience. Next to the stove -a 90 cm, gas stove-there is space for food preparation. In addition, the upper part has been used to put high furniture up to the ceiling to store crockery and other utensils. Another great trick is that light colors have been chosen, as they continually contribute to making any space brighter and generate the feeling that it is more extensive.

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