Iconic design furniture

Iconic design furniture

If they are still in high demand today despite being decades old, it is for a reason. And is that the classic design furniture does not go out of fashion, currently have a place in any modern or contemporary decor. In this post, we have compiled all the iconic design furniture, with mentioned replicas that you can find in the online furniture store Muebles Lara.

As in other fields, such as fashion or construction, in the field of decoration and interior design, there has also been furniture that have fallen in love with the whole world thanks to its design. These pieces have a common feature: they are timeless, independent of the passage of time, as they will stand out in any room where you place them and whatever the decorative style that reigns in your home.

Barcelona Chair

The Barcelona chair was designed in 1926 by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich. This chair is a classic model of the 20th-century design with a contemporary style. It is made with a polished stainless steel structure, combined with the leather that covers its seat and backrest surfaces.

The Barcelona chair stands out for its harmonious curves and elegant proportions. The white Barcelona chair was exhibited at the Barcelona International Exposition in 1929. It was also used as a throne for the King and Queen of Spain when they visited the Barcelona pavilion.

Nowadays, there are countless imitations of this chair model, manufactured in two different types of steel and in various colors for the leather.

Chester Sofa

The Chester sofa (or Chesterfield, formerly known) is the quintessential symbol of classic English style. If we go back to the history of its creation, it is believed that Lord Phillip Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield, commissioned the first buttoned leather sofa from a local craftsman.

In the 19th century, the Chester sofa set the scene for the British capital's most elite men's clubs. It is synonymous with class, elegance, and refinement. And despite the passage of time, it is still in high demand for private homes, companies, or private offices today.

This sofa stands out above the rest within the iconic furniture design. It is all upholstered in leather, although we can also find it in fabric or velvet today. It has a capitonné upholstery, with a soft and quilted appearance thanks to the buttoning that runs along with the entire upholstery. Its arms are characteristically rolled, and its base is low.

Le Corbusier chaise longue (LC4)

The Le Corbusier chaise longue was designed in 1928 by Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, known as Le Corbusier, in collaboration with Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand. It is one of the best-known and most famous design pieces of the 20th century.

Thanks to its ergonomic shape, this armchair stands out as the ultimate chaiselongue, designed exclusively for relaxation. It has a curved tubular steel frame that provides stability at any inclination angle and is upholstered in genuine leather, with a matte black steel base.

The couch has an adjustable mechanism that allows the seat to recline to the angle desired by the user. Its creator came to call it "the machine of rest," so if you want to have in your home a replica and much cheaper than the original, in our online store you will find in addition to the black version, the white Le Corbusier chaiselongue.

Noguchi Table

The Noguchi coffee table is a 20th-century modernist piece. It was designed by Isamu Noguchi and introduced into the interior design and decoration world by Herman Miller in 1947. This coffee table comprises a wooden base formed by two identical pieces of wood with a curved shape, on which rests a tempered glass top. Initially, it was produced with the ground in walnut wood and later began to be made with other types of wood.

Its production ceased in 1973, and it automatically became a collector's item, so nowadays, you can only buy imitations of the original design. However, on the Muebles Lara website, you can find a similar one, made with an ash wood base.

You can fit it in modern, Nordic, or Scandinavian style decorations thanks to its futuristic design.

Ghost chair

The Ghost chair is also part of the iconic design furniture. Philippe Starck designed it for Kartell in 2002. Its name, "ghost" in Spanish, is given by the transparency of its forms.

All of it is made of transparent polycarbonate using a mold that allows no joints. Its shape is continuous. Polycarbonate is a solid and resistant material, making this chair the perfect ally against weathering, scratches, and excess weight.

It can be used indoors and outdoors without clashing with other decorative elements. As for cleaning, avoid chemical products and wipe them with a damp cloth and a little soap.

Tolix chair

The Tolix chair is one of the iconic pieces of furniture of industrial design, which you will indeed have seen in countless cafes, restaurants, and stores, but do you know its history? This chair was designed by Xavier Pauchard, of French origin, in 1934. Unfortunately, the original design had to be modified because it did not allow the chairs to be stacked, so its structure is now thinner, allowing up to 25 chairs to be stacked.

This fact made its design a success, especially in the wake of retro and vintage style fashion. Today it is one of the best-selling chair models in the world. So much, so that other products of the same line have been born, such as the Tolix stool. Both models can be found in our online store and join the industrial fashion.

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

The first model of the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman (footrest) was made in 1956 by designers Charles and Ray Eames, and a copy of the chair can be seen in the MoMA museum in New York.

This armchair has a curved laminated rosewood frame, which is made up of two pieces: the armchair and the footrest. It has a five-blade swivel base and padded seat, upholstered in soft black leather. The footrest retains the same lines as the armchair, making it the perfect complement.

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