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Logo Bar Stool Trade Show Booth

The above picture was taken at the PPAI trade show in Las Vegas for the promotional products industry' largest trade show.

There are many ways to put a logo on a bar stool.  We will start with the most simple method of decorating a bar stool.  You can take ready made bar stools and add high quality stickers to the top and side of the seat.  They won't last but you can probably get an event or two out of it.  The second method of adding a logo to a bar stool is using a transfer.  This is similar to the way motorcycle seats have logos put on.  They use a heavy duty transfer that embeds color into the vinyl.  This method isn't absolutely permanent but you will get lots of use out of this type of logo bar stool.

The next method of decorating a bar stool with a logo is by screen printing the seat of a ready built bar stool.  It is easy to make a small portable screen and go around seat to seat adding a logo.  This will be semi permanent depending on the type of ink used and whether they are being sat on regularly.  Seats and stools with logos that are screen printed or printed on the top always run the risk of transferring the ink to the person sitting on the stool and they run the risk of having the imprint scratch off.

The next method of decorating a bar stool is by silk screening clear vinyl.  This is how we make most of our logo bar stools.  We take 12 mil clear double polished vinyl and we screen print in reverse on the underside.  We screen print in reverse so that when you look through the vinyl you see the imprint facing the correct direction.  This allows us to upholster a seat and stool and have the imprint facing the underside so that it doesn't scratch off.

The next method of putting a logo on a bar stools is by doing embroidery.  We can embroider the seat or the back.  We can do single colors or up to 12 different colors.  We can do very tight stitches for the seat so that you can sit on the pattern.

The last method of decorating a bar stool is also our newest.  Over the last few years we have added debossing to the product mix.  We can take almost any logo or pattern and turn it into a plate for debossing.  This works really well for anyone who wants a bar stools that isn't as glossy and in your face.  Embossing has a very subtle look and can be done on much of our higher end furniture.

Our most color embroidered bar stool was done for the Von Dutch company.  Remember when Von Dutch hats were all the rage?  We got to do some super cool Von Dutch bar stools made of leather for their retail store.  The logo was as complex as the tattoos and jackets that they make.  We didn't do the embroidery for that one.  That job was done by Cali Fame hats.  We just made the bar stool.  We can take material that is already decorated and turn that into furniture too.

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