How to Start Your Own Restaurant: 5 Things You Need & How to Get Them

How to Start Your Own Restaurant: 5 Things You Need & How to Get Them

How to Start a Restaurant

Are you dreaming of owning your own restaurant? You’re not alone! On average, more than 13,000 new restaurants open in the United States each year. 

If you want your restaurant to succeed, you need to do your research. Learning the ins and outs of how to start your own restaurant will help you avoid any critical mistakes.

It’s also a good idea to start gathering the things needed to start a restaurant early-on so you don’t run into any unnecessary delays. What do you need to start a restaurant? This simple restaurant checklist will help you get started.

1. A Solid Business Plan

Your business plan is the foundation of your success. No matter what, do not skip this important step! Done right, this written document will provide you with a roadmap that covers how to structure, run, and grow your restaurant business.

This is an exercise that is well worth the effort. It’s also valuable if you need to get funding or convince others to partner with you.

2. Permits, Licensing, and Insurance

The foodservice industry is highly regulated on the local, state, and federal levels. You’ll need a complete understanding of all of the health codes and you’ll have to ensure you have the right licensing and permits.

You’ll also need several different types of insurance which will cover anything from employee injuries to liquor liability and food contamination issues. Make sure you consult with an insurance agent who is well-versed in the restaurant injury so you get the right kinds of coverage.

3. Restaurant Equipment

Having the right restaurant equipment can make a major difference in your ability to succeed. Make a list of everything you think you’ll need, then do some research to find out what you’ve forgotten.

Some of the most important items include commercial refrigerators, commercial grills, ice machines, a deep fryer, an oven, shelving, cookware and linens, and a POS system with printers.

4. Great Food Suppliers

Your food suppliers can make or break your restaurant. Depending on the type of restaurant you’re opening, you may be able to get everything from one supplier or you may need to establish relationships with several.

Take the time to do your research and test out each supplier you’re considering. Make sure you choose the highest quality food at the best price you can afford. You may be able to cut some corners to save money, but food quality is not the place to do it.

5. Comfortable Restaurant Furniture

One of the most exciting parts of opening your own restaurant is choosing your furniture and décor. Comfortable seating is critical!

You’ll want your guests to relax and spend plenty of time enjoying food and drinks. They won't do this if your chairs feel like a block of wood. 

Also, make sure your décor and furniture match the aesthetic you envision for your restaurant and creates a great experience for your guests.

Five Tipson How to Start Your Own Restaurant? 

If you’ve been wondering how to start your own restaurant, start thinking about how and where you’ll get these five important things. Start working on your business plan, get all of your permits and coverage in place, and begin exploring food supplier options.

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