Outdoor Restaurant Furniture - Where to buy during Winter?

We have been making restaurant furniture for the last 45 years.  In that time we have always specificity that our furniture is not suitable for outdoor use.  We use standard carbon steel frames with chrome plating.  We use regular 2x4s and plywood to build our furniture.  We use paperboard.  None of these materials will last out doors.

With the recent push for restaurants to have outdoor seating year round, we wanted to immediately find a source for high quality restaurant furniture that we could make available to our clients.  The first thing we needed to figure out what type of materials we wanted and where we wanted to source.  We have always found that stainless steel and aluminum seem to do the best outside.  So does Teak wood and a few other species.  We are able to find thousands of different imported restaurant furniture pieces from overseas but none of them were good enough quality for Richardson to stake its reputation.

One a we got a request from a great customer asking if we could find him some high quality outdoor furniture.  I reached out to my local Emu rep and a beautiful relationship was born.  Emu is the perfect partner for Richardson Seating.  Emu has a full line of outdoor restaurant chairs, restaurant tables and restaurant booths.  The items are designed to look beautiful and to last in commercial settings.

Unlike most companies that manufacturer in Italy, Emu has a United States based warehouse with a huge selection of in stock outdoor restaurant furniture ready to ship.  It is really hard to find out door furniture in the winter.  Most companies sold out of their outdoor furniture and didn't replace it yet.  We have thousands upon thousands of units in stock and ready to sell.

If you are looking for outdoor furniture made in Italy and warranted by Emu and Richardson Seating, you may have round the right place.  We can help you with the entire front of the house and we can help you with restaurant patio furniture like patio chairs, patio tables and patio stools.  We don't have access to those giant heater things yet, but if you give us the task, we will find them.

We want to be hear to help any restaurant dealer get the products and parts they need to get business back up and running.  The world needs restaurants and we plan to support the industry with high quality furniture as everyone opens back up.  If you need help with design work, tables, chairs, bar stools, booths, millwork, or anything else in the front of the house, we can put toghether an entire package.  We have been around for almost 50 years and we will take that knowledge and put together a propose for the entire front of the house.

Now that outdoor furniture is so popular, you might also consider buying outdoor furniture for indoor projects.  You never now when you might have to take everything outdoors again.  A high quality outdoor chair or perhaps an outdoor folding chair will give you the seat you need where you nee3d it and when you need it.

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