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How much damage is there when shipping restaurant furniture

Richardson Seating bar stools with white subway tileOur mantra is that we would rather spend money on proper packing than have to deal with items damaged in transit.  No matter what we do, there are always going to be skids that get lost and skids that get run over.  In general, we have improved our packaging year after year to avoid problems.  We have increased the strength of our corrugated.  We wrap each item in a plastic bag to make sure the vinyl doesn't get any marks.  We use heavy duty paper tape.  We also know when to ship UPS and when to ship truck.  Only our diner chairs and our chrome bar stools can ship UPS safely.  We have developed packaging and inserts that aid in transit.  We don't have that for our higher end bar stools.  Our higher end bar stools travel best on a pallet with no more than 8 units wrapped tightly.  We used to ask if people wanted us to skid their order.  Now we do it automatically because it lowers the risk of a lost box and damage significantly.  Plus if the restaurant is upset, they will get over it when they see how low of a price we can get them on shipping furniture.  We are able to pass our savings on.

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