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How long should restaurant furniture last?

Pennsy Bar and Restaurant at Penn Station outside MSGThis answer is going to vary greatly depending on what you got and where you got it.  Did you buy from a trusted dealer?  Did he buy from a trusted manufacture.  Did you select a good vinyl?  All of these things can factor in.  If you select from the vinyl materials that we offer, you can rest assured that they are all very well made and heavy duty vinyl.  If you decide to do COM, then we won't really know  how well it will perform in the field.  We pull a lot of tight corners so its best to have us work with vinyl that stretches and can handle heat.  If you buy metal furniture that was made in the USA and the welds are good, you should have those items for a long time.  You may need to replace your upholstered seat.  If you have wood furniture and its made of Beechwood, you should be able to get some good use out of your products assuming they were glued properly and that the joints have metal brackets.  With Richardson Seating, you never have to worry about quality.  All of our styles are 30-50 years old and time tested in the field.  We make our items the same way that we made them back in 1975.  Get that retro look with modern high quality materials.  We offer a one year warranty.  If you need help, please contact us immediately.  We will work with you.

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