How do I remove glides from a bar stool?

How do I remove glides from a bar stool?

Replacement bar stool glides

Many people want to repair their bar stools.  We sell parts to help people do that.  One of our most popular bar stool replacement parts is replacement bar stool glides.  New glides are great, but how do you remove your old glides.  We have 2 videos that show how to remove nylon or plastic bar stool glides.  The first method is the preferred method which involves using a pliers and a mallet.  The trick is to grab the metal part that goes around the leg with a pliers and then bang the pliers with the mallet.  This is the way we do it if we need to get a bunch of quickly.  If we just have to remove one or two, we may just use a pliers like the second video.  We sell replacement bar stool glides on our website.  We have glides that fit 1 inch tubing and glides that fit swaged tubing that is approximately 5/8 of an inch. Here is a video of how to remove a bar stool glide using just a pliers. This is not the preferred method. You are more likely to scratch the frame.


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